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Information on VTI's latest projects and endeavors. 

An alternative leak testing system that employs a vacuum chamber

VTI vacuum chambers provide improved helium-alternative leak-testing capabilities

Helium’s unique properties make it ideal for a number of industrial applications, especially leak testing. But as the price of helium continues to rise, many companies are eager to cut costs by replacing their helium leak detection systems with effective alternatives. Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI) specializes in alternative leak testing. VTI’s engineers have developed a…
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VTI helps historic Knoxville company leak-test bellows for wind turbines

The Fulton Bellows company manufactures high-quality precision metal bellows that perform critical functions in everything from automobiles to airplanes. But to function properly, each of these elastic metal cylinders must maintain an airtight seal strong enough to withstand dramatic changes in temperature and pressure. To help Fulton Bellows leak-test two new bellows assemblies, a team…
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