Calibrated Leak of the Week: Fixed Sniffer Leak Teflon Liquid (FSLTL)

Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI) is the world’s single largest supplier of calibrated leaks, providing flow standards to hundreds of companies, universities, and governments across the globe. VTI’s calibrated leaks are critical components of vacuum systems that power innovative industrial manufacturing techniques, space exploration, and even quantum research.

The Fixed Sniffer Leak Teflon Liquid (FSLTL) calibrated leak provides HVAC manufacturers with a fast, effective technique for calibrating refrigerant sniffer probes. Our calibration technicians can charge the FSLTL with any refrigerant and calibrate it to detect leaks between 0.01 oz/yr and 10 oz/yr. In addition, this durable leak features a Teflon permeation element that never clogs, making it ideal for industrial environments.