Calibrated Leak of the Week: Capillary Leak (CL) calibrated flow standard

VTI’s CL calibrated leak helps operators investigate things like nuclear energy and space exploration.

Operators performing advanced research often rely on a wide variety of tracer gases both for leak testing and scientific experiments. In order to perform effectively, they need flow standards that can handle a diverse repertoire of gases while preserving a high level of precision and cleanliness.

Engineers at Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI) designed their Capillary Leak (CL) calibrated flow standard to provide operators of high-vacuum systems with a leak standard suitable for many different tracer gases. Whereas glass permeation style calibrated leaks are only suitable for helium, the CL’s stainless steel capillary leak element is appropriate for gases like nitrogen, xenon and argon, in addition to many others. VTI’s calibration technicians carefully crimp the leak element of each CL to meet any target flow rate between 10-4 atm-cc/sec and 10-7 atm-cc/sec. In addition, the CL’s all-metal fittings allow the unit to be baked if needed. VTI manufactures the CL at its A2LA-accredited (Cert. #1707.01) calibration laboratory, and every leak comes with a NIST-traceable calibration certification.

“Most of our customers who purchase this leak are performing some kind of research. They’re looking at everything from advanced nuclear energy to space exploration,” said Joshua Carmichael, VTI’s Calibration Laboratory Supervisor.

VTI produces a full catalogue of calibrated leaks for both scientific and industrial applications. In addition to manufacturing its own product line of leak standards, VTI’s technicians will also refurbish and repair any of their competitor’s calibrated leaks.

“We’ve got all the equipment and expertise a customer might need to maintain their calibrated leak standards, and we use it to work on every kind of leak,” said Carmichael.

VTI is the world’s single largest supplier of calibrated leaks, providing flow standards to hundreds of companies, universities, and governments across the globe. The CL is only one of the many models of leak standards VTI manufactures at its facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

“The CL is a critical component of high-vacuum systems across the country. It’s satisfying knowing our products are helping researchers accomplish their scientific objectives,” said Carmichael.