Calibrated Leak of the Week: Calibrated Leak Permeation Teflon (CLPT) Calibrated Leak

Maintaining a state of high vacuum is critical for operating vacuum systems calibrated to perform scientific research. These systems help scientists develop new insights into all kinds of phenomena, including things like advanced manufacturing, quantum computing and fusion energy.

Engineers at Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI) created their Calibrated Leak Permeation Teflon (CLPT) calibrated leak specifically to help operators detect leaks in high vacuum systems. This leak, which comes with a NIST-traceable, A2LA-accredited (Cert. #1707.01) calibration certification, features a long-lasting gas reservoir that can provide users with years of accurate readings. Its permeation-style leak element eliminates the threat of clogging, and its simple design makes it easy to use. In addition, the CLPT’s all-metal valve reduces background interference, which allows operators to better track minute changes in leak rate. At VTI’s calibration laboratory, technicians can calibrate the CLPT to any leak rate between 10-9 atm-cc/sec and 10-4 atm-cc/sec.

“This calibrated leak standard is ideal for customers who are working with high-vacuum systems. It’s a precision instrument, but it’s also durable enough to be used in various work environments,” said Joshua Carmichael, VTI’s Calibration Laboratory Supervisor.

VTI’s calibration laboratory is A2LA-accredited (Cert. #1707.01), and each CLPT is calibrated against NIST-traceable standards. In addition to manufacturing its own product line of leak standards, VTI’s technicians will also refurbish and repair any of their competitor’s calibrated leaks.

“We try to leverage our expertise to solve as many of our customers’ problems as possible. It’s awesome if you use our flow standards, but we can also help recalibrate different makes of calibrated leaks,” said Carmichael.

VTI is the world’s single largest supplier of calibrated leaks, providing flow standards to hundreds of companies, universities, and governments across the globe. The CLPT is only one of the many models of leak standards VTI manufactures at its facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

“Right now, the CLPT is helping researchers in industry and government develop technologies that could change the world. We’re proud of the value this leak brings our customers,” said Carmichael.