Tim Hammons

Director of Marketing & Material Control

Portrait of Tim Hammons, Director of Marketing & Material Control

Tim serves as VTI’s Director of Marketing and Material Control. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He is a native of Oak Ridge who lives in the area with his wife and two teenage children.

Tim has a wide variety of management experience with industrial manufacturers, especially in the areas of inventory control, forecasting/planning, project management, purchasing, and marketing.

As Director of Marketing, Tim is responsible for the content of VTI’s website and product literature. He especially wants to get the message out about VTI’s strong and widely-varied production capabilities.

As Director of Material Control, Tim’s focus is to make sure there is a robust system in place for ensuring the right materials are available at the right time while minimizing purchasing prices as well as the costs associated with excess inventory, obsolescence, and spoilage.

Tim was initially attracted to VTI because of its flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs and he enjoys the fact that he can “wear many hats.”