VTI's custom vacuum systems help clients solve a wide variety of problems. From leak testing products during manufacturing to creating ideal sample environments for delicate experiments, we can craft our versatile assemblies to fit the unique circumstances of any situation. Below are just a few types of vacuum systems we've developed for clients all around the world.

VTI's Small Condensing Unit Pre-Charged Helium Leak Test System for COndensing Unit Manufacturing

Leak Detection Systems

We specialize in leak detection systems. Whether you need a portable helium and hydrogen sniffer for locating leaks or an industrial-size vacuum chamber for leak testing large units, VTI can provide a leak detector that accomplishes your objectives and fits seamlessly into your production process.

VTI's Refrigerant Vapor Recovery (RVR) System for A-Coil Manufacturing

SmartStation™ Gas Handling Systems

Our gas recovery systems capture valuable gases discharged during the manufacturing process for reuse or resale. These systems are particularly effective at reclaiming refrigerant vapors and tracer gases.

VTI's Evacuation and Dual Refrigerant Charge Station for Condensing Unit and Heat Pump Manufacturing

SmartStation™ Vacuum Processing, Charging & Pumping Stations

Our SmartStation™ Vacuum Processing, Charging, and Pumping Stations streamline manufacturing processes, making it easy to quickly evacuate units and charge them with tracer gases in preparation for leak testing.

VTI's Dual A-Coil Ballistic Nylon Safety Curtain and PD for A-Coil Manufacturing

Ballistic Curtains & Proof Booths

We design and build durable, easy-to-use proof enclosures that help protect operators during every phase of leak testing.

VTI's Oil Tank Proof, Leak, and Run Test System

Run Testers

VTI tailors its run testers to fit the unique requirements of each product our customers need to assess. These systems help manufacturers test the overall functionality of their units before they enter the field.

VTI's Four Port Helium Leak Comparison Calibration System

Metrology Systems

VTI is a world-leading producer of metrology systems for calibrated leaks. With our fully-automated, in-house leak calibration systems, customers can verify the accuracy of their leaks without shipping them to a third-party.

VTI's Thermal Processing Chamber with Internal Heat Exchanger

Build-To-Print & Integration Systems

Do you have a concept you need to turn into a fully-functional machine? Our engineers will work with you through every stage of the design process to create a device that accomplishes your objectives.