RST – Refrigerant Sniffer Teflon


VTI's RST sniffer tester is simple to operate, works for a year or longer without running out of refrigerant vapor, will never clog, and is far less expensive than other refrigerant leak standards. The RST has a number of user-friendly features, including a permeation-style leak element that eliminates the threat of clogging and a supply of refrigerant vapor that lasts a year or longer. This model has a low temperature coefficient of only 0.6% per degree Fahrenheit and a point source of vapor flow to allow for repeatable results and efficient vapor collection. Furthermore, this model also allows customers to check the sensitivity of sniffer leak detectors without overloading the sensor—prolonging the sensor's operational life—and  gauge the best possible scanning speed for the sniffer probe as it looks for leaks.

We calibrate each RST leak standard at our A2LA-accredited calibration laboratory. The RST is provided in one leak range, nominally 0.5 oz/year (14 g/year). The manufacturing variance for this model is 0.3 oz/year to 0.9 oz/year (about 7 g/year to 26 g/year). The actual leak-rate, as calibrated, appears on the label of each RST. We usually specify the leak-rate in ounces per year or grams per year, but we can use other units as well if desired.

  • Never clogs: permeation leak element eliminates the threat of clogging
  • Long-lasting: reservoir of refrigerant vapor lasts for a year or longer
  • Easy-to-use: minimal user training required
  • Reliable: precision calibrated at VTI's A2LA-accredited laboratory

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