RLS – Refrigerant Leak Sniffer


For over 10 years, VTI's RLS refrigerant leaks have been the standard for calibrating sniffer-type refrigerant leak detectors. These leaks are available for all refrigerants and a wide range of leak rates, from 0.01 oz/year to over 10 oz/year. RLS leaks feature a reservoir of liquid refrigerant that connects to the vapor reservoir to provide a convenient, long-lasting supply of vapor for the leak. RLS leaks also feature a crimped, stainless steel capillary leak element that is far more durable than the glass leak elements commonly found in other leaks. 

To provide an adjustable leak-rate feature, VTI calibrates each RLS leak at three pressures to yield three different leak-rates and includes an individualized graph of the pressure vs. leak-rate data with the RLS's calibration certifications. Customers can select any specific rate within the adjustable range by adjusting the vapor chamber's pressure to the corresponding value on the calibration graph. They can increase pressure in the vapor chamber by slowly opening a valve that connects both  reservoirs, and they can decrease pressure in the vapor chamber by opening the exhaust valve attached to the vapor reservoir. The pressure gauge connected to the vapor reservoir is used to calibrate the RLS and to adjust the pressure to the selected value to preserve the NIST-traceability of the leak rate when calibrating a leak detector.

  • Durable: stainless steel leak element
  • Versatile: available for any refrigerant at leak rate ranges from 0.02 oz/year to 20 oz/year
  • Reliable: easy probe positioning for repeatable results
  • Accurate: no false readings or dead spaces
  • Custom: achieve exact leak-rates at your test point
  • Meets ISO requirements: NIST-traceable, A2LA-accredited Calibration Certification

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