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Leak Testing & Consulting

We provide customers with extensive consultation services to both help them design and build new vacuum systems and make sure the vacuum systems they already have run as efficiently as possible. VTI's ASNT certified engineers also provide leak detection services to help companies locate leaky components both in-house and on-location, as requested.

Hand Holding Sniffer Probe Leak Checking AC Coil

Leak Testing Services

VTI provides both on-site and off-site leak testing consulting services. We maintain two ASNT Level III certified experts in leak testing who perform audits of Leak Testing Programs. These experts can also leak test your units in-houses. Some of the many leak testing methods employed by VTI professionals include:

  • Bubble Testing
  • Sniffing
  • Pressure or Vacuum Decay
  • Vacuum Chamber Testing
Calculator and Caliper Sitting on Top Pressure - Enthalpy Chart

Vacuum Engineering Services

VTI provides both on-site and off-site vacuum engineering consulting services. Our experts provide design and calculation solutions for conductance, pumping speed, leak test sensitivity, leak equivalence and many other aspects of vacuum related engineering. VTI also designs and manufactures sealing fixtures that can be used for your own leak testing projects or for use in testing parts sent to VTI for analysis.

Additionally, we offer performance evaluations of existing systems and we provide validations of in-production leak checking methods. In other words, we help you to qualify the health of your existing systems. 

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