Leak Detection Systems

VTI's Large Slab Heat Exchanger Charge-In-Chamber Leak Test System for Slab Coil Manufacturing

Vacuum Chamber

Our custom vacuum chamber leak detection systems can detect leaks in units of any size, from tiny components for medical devices to massive fuel tanks for vehicles. No matter what your product is, VTI can build a vacuum chamber that will identify defective units before they enter the field. 

VTI's Dual A-Coil Ballistic Nylon Safety Curtain and PD for A-Coil Manufacturing

Pressure Decay

By charging units with pressurized gas and then monitoring the interior of those units for pressure drops, pressure decay leak detectors provide manufacturers with a fast and efficient method for finding faulty products. This system is ideal for leak-testing products that need to maintain a load of pressurized gas for extended periods of time.

Vacuum Technology Incorporated's Portable WISE Pack Helium Sniffer Probe.

Sniffer Detection

Helium and hydrogen sniffers are excellent tools for precisely locating leaks. Customers can configure these rugged, portable units for manual sniffing or for integration into automated control systems to record leak data.

VTI's Suitcase Portable Vacuum Decay and Pressure Decay Leak Tester

Vacuum Decay

Like pressure decay leak detectors, vacuum decay leak detectors monitor the interior pressure of units to detect leaks. But rather than charging units with pressurized gases and searching for drops in pressure, vacuum decay leak detectors bring units under vacuum and search for increases in pressure. This system is ideal for leak-testing products that need to maintain a vacuum for extended periods of time.

VTI's 12 Volt Battery with VTI Vacuumulation Helium Leak Test System


VTI's patented "Vacuumulation™" process combines hard-vacuum mass spectrometer leak testing with atmospheric accumulation leak testing to locate leaks with greater ease. Vacuumulation™ reduces the number of molecules surrounding a unit as it's tested for leaks, making potential leaks more obvious to leak detectors during testing.