VTI develops cost-effective, custom vacuum solutions for four of the five largest HVAC manufacturers in the world. We design and fabricate reliable test systems from scratch, providing customers with efficient turn-key leak detectors they can use to make sure products like A-Coils and heat pumps are ready to move down the production line. 

VTI's HounDog Refrigerant Leak Test Station for A-Coil Manufacturing

A-Coil & Slab Heat Exchanger and HVAC Components Leak Test Systems

Our A-Coil & Slab HVAC Heat Exchanger Leak Test Systems test HVAC components for refrigerant leaks, making sure no faulty units ever enter the field.

VTI's Small Condensing Unit Pre-Charged Helium Leak Test System for COndensing Unit Manufacturing

Condensing Unit, Heat Pump, Packaged A/C, & Refrigeration Leak Test Systems

VTI's Condensing Unit, Heat Pump, Packaged A/C, and Refrigeration Leak Test Systems provide companies manufacturing residential and commercial condensing units with a complete array of leak-detection capabilities.

VTI's Gas Heat Exchanger Leak Test System for Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Gas Furnace Processing Systems

Our Gas Furnace Processing Systems perform a full battery of tests on gas furnaces and heat exchangers, detecting leaks and giving manufacturers critical information about gas and electricity consumption.

VTI's Refrigerant Vapor Recovery (RVR) System for A-Coil Manufacturing

Gas Handling Systems

VTI's Gas Handling Systems are designed to efficiently recover and direct gases used during leak testing. We customize each system to perfectly meet your specifications.

VTI's Pressure Decay, Evacuation, and Charge (PDPlus2) System for A-Coil Manufacturing

HVAC Refrigerant Charging & Evacuation / Dehydration Equipment

VTI engineers its custom Charging and Evacuation / Dehydration Equipment to provide safe and reliable processing for HVAC product manufacturing. All systems are designed and built to customer specifications. 

VTI's Oil Tank Proof, Leak, and Run Test System

Run Testers

VTI tailors each of its run testers to fit the unique requirements of every product our customers need to assess. These systems help manufacturers demonstrate the overall functionality of each unit before it enters the field.

VTI's Dual A-Coil Ballistic Nylon Safety Curtain and PD for A-Coil Manufacturing

Safety Curtains & Booths

VTI's custom fabricated Safety Curtains & Booths are engineered to safely contain possible projectiles during Pressure & Gross Leak testing. All curtains and booths are custom made to customer specifications.