VTI provides vacuum systems and services to a number of government agencies. We're NQA-1 audited, and we have developed bespoke test equipment for ANSI N14.5 applications. Whether we're leak testing submarine batteries or fabricating systems for analyzing gas samples, VTI is dedicated to helping the scientific community meet its defense and research objectives.

Hydrogen Isotope Selective Pumping Unit (HISPU)


The Hydrogen Isotope Selective Pumping Unit is a standalone system designed to be used inline during vacuum leak testing between a separate Helium leak detector and test volume.  The purpose of this system is to remove water vapor and isotopes of Hydrogen from the gas sample stream coming from the test volume in order to increase Helium leak detection sensitivity at the Helium leak detector.

Large volumes with unbaked stainless steel walls will be leak tested using this system. This system is equipped with a Liquid Nitrogen Trap to remove the condensable gasses and a Getter Trap to remove the Hydrogen Isotopes. Hydrogen is the significant outgassing species after water vapor. Additionally, hydrogen isotopes are a major background gas when leak checking components/systems that were immersed in them during operations. There is a need for hydrogen isotope selective pumping units between standard leak detector units and the test volume to remove the hydrogen isotope (and water vapor) background to increase helium leak detection sensitivity.

  • Getter Trap
  • Liquid Nitrogen Trap
  • CE Certified

Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) Bake-Out Cart


This custom cart was designed to hold “spare” Quadrupole Residual Gas Analyzers at ultra-high-vacuum in order to provide back-up support to a piece of production equipment.

The cart allowed the RGA to be “baked” to temperatures of 150˚C for extended periods of time for cleaning. The cart had on-board electronics and Calibrated Leaks to qualify the RGA as operational and clean. The RGA could then be isolated so that vacuum can be preserved while moving it from the cart to the production machine.

  • Product: RGA
  • Pump Size: 67 L/s
  • Bake-Out Temp: 150˚C
  • Installation Date: 2019

Submarine Battery Helium Leak Test System


VTI’s Submarine Battery Helium Leak Test System is engineered to provide reliable and efficient leak testing for Battery Manufacturing.

This robust top-down style chamber allows for ease of loading/unloading of the Unit Under Test (UUT). Once in place, a fixture will be manually connected to the UUT which will permit the evacuation, tracer gas fill, and venting of the UUT. This system is equipped with a pressure differential sensor to ensure the pressure inside the UUT and outside the UUT (Chamber) are within the customer requested pressure differential. This ensures the cell walls on the battery will neither explode or implode during evacuation and venting, resulting in a safe and reliable leak test.

The control system is integrated with the customer’s database to provide real-time data. It is also interlocked with other equipment on the production line to guarantee testing requirements are met in production.

  • Product: Submarine Battery
  • Tracer Gas: Helium
  • Leak Rate: 1 x 10⁻⁴ atm-cc/sec
  • Machine Time: 60 Seconds
  • Charge-In-Chamber
  • Pump Size: 130 CFM
  • Chamber Volume: 8.6 ft³
  • Installation Date: 2015

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