George Solomon

Co-Founder & President of VTI

Portrait of George Solomon, Co-Founder & President of VTI

George moved to Oak Ridge in 1980 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  Fate brought both George and Dr. Don Santeler, a world renowned vacuum scientist, together on the same project at the Department of Energy’s Gas Centrifuge Uranium Enrichment Plant. As the largest vacuum process ever conceived, this huge government venture was a premier opportunity to learn the art of vacuum science under the guidance of a vacuum expert. All aspects of vacuum technology including pumping systems, leak testing, residual gas analysis, gauge and leak calibration and efficient system design were critical to the successful operation of such an immense vacuum process.

With six invaluable years of experience working at the Oak Ridge facilities, George looked for new opportunities to utilize his knowledge and expertise. With the aid of his co-founder, Mark Boeckmann, the two launched VTI in the basement of George’s home in 1985. The technical experience gained working in the Oak Ridge facilities was quickly supplemented by real world, hands-on experience of every type ranging from process engineering and product design to sales, finance, purchasing, and human relations.

As a dedicated father, husband, and businessman, George is prepared to serve his customers as if they are part of the VTI family.