VTI's talented crew of technicians, welders, and machinists operate cutting-edge equipment that allows us to fabricate each of our products completely in-house, making it easier for us to quickly provide our customers with affordable, high-quality products.

VTI Assembly - Electrical Assembly - Running Wires

Electrical & Mechanical Assembly

Comprised of highly experienced technicians from the electrical, mechanical, gas and vacuum, pneumatics, and utility fields, VTI's Assembly Team is second to none. Our assembly bays feature crane-lift capacity of up to 20 tons, allowing us to assemble large equipment safely and efficiently. The VTI Assembly Team often uses their tools and expertise to build systems certified by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs).

  • Highly experienced technicians
  • Efficient assembly bays
  • NRTL experience
  • UL 508A capabilities
VTI CNC Milling - Coolant On & Machine Running

CNC Automated Machining

VTI provides customers with a full suite of CNC machining capabilities. Equipped with seven CNC turning centers, two CNC lathes, and four CNC mills, our team of expert machinists personally program each part they create, ensuring every product that leaves VTI is of the highest quality. We can construct products from a wide variety of metals, plastics, and exotic materials. We can also laser mark a wide variety of shapes and materials.

  • Specialize in high-mix, low-volume custom parts
  • Capable of producing at high volumes
  • Can provide a variety of finishes for metal and plastic parts
  • Tolerances from +/- 0.001ʺ - 0.005ʺ
  • Highly accurate, repeatable machining processes
VTI's Wire EDM - Puzzle

EDM Machining

VTI's wire-cutting and die-sinking Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) offers intricate precision for processing custom shapes and features in metal parts. The EDM is able to maintain temperature consistency during processing to guarantee high positional accuracy. Any material that is electrically conductive, regardless of its hardness can be easily machined with the EDM methods.

  • Accuracy of 0.00003 inch
  • Non-Directional Surface Finish
  • +/- 2 ˚F Temperature Control on Part While Machining
  • No Secondary Operations Needed
VTI Inspection - Probing


VTI's Inspection department is experienced in physical property and dimensional inspections. With a variety of highly-accurate equipment, VTI has the capability to perform all inspections in-house. 

  • Surface Finish Inspection 
  • Roundness Inspection 
  • Hardness Tester
  • Dimensional Inspection
VTI's CO2 Sheet Laser - Sparks Flying in Circle

Sheet Metal & Tube Processing

VTI utilizes precision equipment to cut, bend, and form sheet metal and tubular parts to the size and shape that is required for a given design. With three in-house Omax Precision Abrasive Waterjet machines (including a multi-axis head) along with a Prima Power Fiber Laser, sheet materials can be cut rapidly and precisely. VTI's in-house High Performance Tube Laser has the ability to rapidly cut round, rectangular, and square tube profiles, along with various open structural shapes. Sheet metal rolling and tube bending are also a part of our in-house capability.

  • CNC 230 Ton Press Brake
  • CNC Hydraulic Tube Bender
  • Hydraulic Sheet Metal Roller (4ʺ min ø up to 0.070ʺ Thick x 40ʺ Long)
  • Hydraulic Sheet Metal Roller (9ʺ min ø up to 3/8ʺ Thick x 70ʺ Long)
  • Omax Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System (80ʺ x 160ʺ) Up To 8ʺ Thick (Qty 2)
  • Omax Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System (24ʺ x 48ʺ) Up To 8ʺ Thick
  • 2kW LVD Strippit Tube Laser (6.5ʺ Max Diameter, 26′ Max Length)
  • 6kW Prima Power Platino Fiber Sheet Laser (5′ x 10′)
VTI Paint Booth - Spray Paint - Grey

Surface Preparation & Finishing

VTI offers a variety of in-house surface finishing. We also work with locally sourced and trusted specialty finishing shops so that VTI can be your one-stop shop.

  • In-House Finishings: Dry Sand & Bead Blasted, Wet Media Blasted, Paint
  • Locally Outsourced Finishings: Powder Coat, Anodize, Chromate, Electropolish, Passivation, Zinc Rack & Barrell, Black Oxide, Electroless Nickel, Heat Treat
VTI Tig Welding


VTI is renowned for its precision welding capabilities, especially regarding welded vessels for high vacuum applications. VTI’s team of five certified welders is headed by a Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) and has multiple qualifications between them, including AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, ASME Section 9, ASME  B31.3, and Aerospace. Our welding technology encompasses a variety of materials and welding processes. VTI’s qualified welders can perform MIG, TIG, Heli arc, Glove Box welding as well as plasma and torch cutting.

  • TIG Welding Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Molybdenum, Niobium, Exotic Metals
  • MIG Welding Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

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