Eddie Raby

Director of Manufacturing & Security Officer

Portrait of Eddie Raby, Director of Manufacturing & Security Officer

Eddie joined VTI in 1990 bringing over 16 years of fabrication and welding experience gained while working at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Components Plant. During this period, six years were spent in research and development working on the application of new technology and techniques within the plant.

The extensive experience Eddie gained in this role with new techniques, such as electron beam welding, and their application in the fabrication of components for vacuum service, is an invaluable resource that VTI customers can call upon. Hand in hand with this is the thorough understanding Eddie has of the use of Helium Leak Detection techniques also gained during this time.

Eddie has been at VTI for over 25 years and is known well to our customers with whom he enjoys working. He is responsible for fabrication and maintenance and will work with you to build vacuum systems, manifolds, and custom hardware or to find a solution to any fabrication challenge you have to resolve!