Carl von Buelow

Quality Assurance Supervisor & Senior Design Engineer

Portrait of Carl von Buelow, Quality Assurance Supervisor & Senior Design Engineer

Carl von Buelow, expert in the design and fabrication of calibrated leaks and leak detection equipment using helium mass spectrometers, is the Quality Assurance Manager and the Chief Design Engineer at Vacuum Technology, Inc.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.  Prior to working at VTI, Carl worked as a design engineer for a manufacturer of industrial vacuum equipment designing high accuracy time-of-flight mass spectrometers using laser ionization and electron impact ionization sources.

Carl also worked for a global engineering and program management company as a senior engineer responsible for the preparation and review of engineering documents supporting the remediation of radiologically contaminated sites for the Department of Energy.  He was responsible for a few demilitarization projects including the removal of explosive charge from chemical munitions and the dismantlement of a nuclear reactor as well as the design and review of specifications for mechanical systems for the Space Shuttle Component Test Facility.

Carl served six years in the US Navy assigned to nuclear submarines and over 30 years in the Navy Reserve Intelligence Program where he obtained the rank of Captain, serving eight years as Commanding Officer of a reserve unit.  The skills and knowledge acquired during his US Navy service contribute to Carl’s desire to strive for excellence – the excellence VTI is known for.