VSLT – Variable Sniffer Leak Teflon


We developed the VSLT adjustable leak-rate calibrators specifically for calibrating sniffer leak detectors. They incorporate Teflon permeation leak elements to avoid clogging problems common to calibrators that rely on capillary leak elements. This model is particularly useful for customers looking to install leaks with small leak rates in industrial environments.

The VSLT Accu-Flow™ calibrated leak is available for adjustable leak rates in limited ranges within the usual values for "Sniffing" of E-4 to E-6 atm-cc/sec. VTI calibrates each leak at three distinct leak-rates and pressures, and provides customers with a curve that shows leak-rate vs. pressure. Using this curve, the fill valve, and the integral pressure gauge (to preserve NIST-traceability), customers can change the helium pressure in the VSLT reservoir to obtain the specific desired leak-rate.

  • Never clogs: permeation leak element eliminates the threat of clogging
  • Stable: flow rate remains unaffected by changes in temperature
  • Accurate: no large dead spaces
  • Versatile: 10 to 1 leak-rate range that can be set without the usual manufacturing variance
  • Durable: made of all-welded, stainless steel
  • Reusable: customers can refill the reservoir with their own gas supply
  • Reliable: easy probe positioning allows for repeatable results
  • Suitable for a wide variety of gases and gas mixtures
  • Meets ISO requirements: NIST-traceable, A2LA-accredited Calibration Certification

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