CLP – Calibrated Leak Permeation


Our CLP helium calibrated Leaks are high-precision standards for calibrating leak detectors and ultra-high vacuum systems, and for serving as transfer standards for calibrating other helium leaks. They feature all-welded stainless steel construction, a premium all-metal shut-off valve, a glass-permeation leak element, and are bakeable for UHV applications. The CLP Leaks are part of a family of Helium Calibrators including the GPP, GPPT, and GPC Models offered by VTI that cover leak rates from E-12 up to E-3 atm-cc/sec and larger, as detailed in other brochures. The CLP Model is available with leak rates of E-6 to E-12 and is the only model made for the very low rates of E-10 to E-12 atm-cc/sec.

  • Never clogs: permeation leak element eliminates the threat of clogging
  • Stable: low depletion rate keeps allows for years of accurate readings
  • Versatile: available lea-rates range from E-6 to E-12
  • Bakeable: all-metal fittings suitable for ultra-high vacuum environments
  • Simple: requires minimal user training
  • Meets ISO requirements: NIST-traceable, A2LA-accredited Calibration Certification

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