CL – Capillary Leak


VTI’s CL Model Calibrated Gas Leaks feature a stainless steel capillary that is precision-crimped to provide an accurate flow-rate restriction for any gas. The gas, under pressure in the reservoir, flows through the capillary restriction and into the system to which it is attached using one of the many fittings available. This yields a precise, known flow rate. The CL models have an all-welded construction and use an all-metal shut-off valve, which makes them bakeable for ultra-high vacuum applications and extremely durable. They also have a low temperature coefficient, approximately 0.2 % per degree Celsius, and are available in a wide range of leak rates.  

As the major manufacturer of Calibrated Leaks for all gases, all leak rates, and all makes of leak detectors, VTI supplies our calibrated leaks to a worldwide community of users, distributors, and other manufacturers. These Accu-Flow™ Leak Standards are recognized internationally for their superior quality construction and calibration. VTI prides itself on maintaining a sterile manufacturing environment that ensures each leak is ready for high-purity gas and gas mixtures. 

Plugging is a threat with all capillary leaks. If customers intend to install their leak in a non-sterile environment, they may consider using one of our Teflon permeation leaks instead. 

  • Versatile: appropriate for any gas or gas mixture
  • Stable: temperature changes will not affect accuracy
  • Bakeable: all-metal fittings allow for use in ultra-high vacuum environments
  • Durable: made of all-welded stainless steel
  • Diverse: leak-rate rate range from e-7 to e-3 atm-cc/sec
  • Meets ISO requirements: NIST-traceable, A2LA-accredited Calibration Certification

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