Calibration Laboratory

As the world's leading manufacturer of calibrated leaks, VTI offers customers a wide range of leak standards, vacuum gauges, and volumes. We can also service any calibrated leak, regardless of its original manufacturer. Our lab is ILAC/A2LA accredited (Cert. #1707.01) to the ISO 17025:2017 standard and traceable to national metrology institutes such as NIST. 

Assortment Of Calibrated Leaks on White Background

New Leak Standards

VTI is the premier manufacturer of calibrated leaks. We offer a wide range of standard, custom-built, and OEM units that are suitable for nearly any application. 

Manifold of Leak Standards With White Tags

Leak Recalibration & Repair Services

We provide certified recalibration and repair services for all brands of calibrated leaks, all gases, and all leak rates. 

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Vacuum Gauge Recalibration Services

VTI repairs and recalibrates all brands of vacuum gauges, with calibration points that span the range of the gauge or with attention to more specific points of interest.  

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Volume Calibration Services

VTI offers certified calibrations of volumes between 10 cubic centimetres and  25 liters using the gas expansion technique.