Data Collection Policy

Bluetooth App Privacy Policy

Vacuum Technology does not collect or record any data from the end user during use of the X3000 Bluetooth Adapter Interface Application.

Application and Adapter Manual

Operations manual: Download Here

Privacy Policy


Vacuum Technology Inc provides a companion Bluetooth Interface Application to interact with our Low Energy Serial Modules for interacting with a number of leak detection sniffers.

The interface is only used for interacting with the serial communication of certain leak detectors. The settings of the leak detector, including trigger levels and gas names, are read from the device. On beginning test procedure, the serial interface is used to check and return the currently selected leak rate and triggered gas.

Supported Devices:

  • P3000
  • E3000
  • LDS3000
  • Flex

Privacy and Data Usage

To use Bluetooth features on an Android device, we must require access to location and precise location. We do not collect any location data or send location data to any 3rd party API.

Settings saved are limited to the machine type being interfaced with, to use the appropriate serial commands through the universal serial interface.

Cached settings are checked at connection time and only persist until next time the device is connected.

No data from the user is collected or sent to anyone.