Vacuum Components

Customers can integrate our standard and custom vacuum components into any vacuum system. These long-lasting units can endure the tumultuous day-to-day operations of industrial environments, and our engineers can tailor each product to meet the demands of your unique process.

O-Seal fittings developed by Vacuum Technology Incorporated

O-Seal Fittings

O-Seal Fittings provide easy, leak-proof sealing between threaded joints. These devices eliminate the need for products like Teflon tape, pipe dope, and epoxy, which can introduce contaminants into a process environment.

A smart connect developed by Vacuum Technology Incorporated

Smart Connects

Whether you're connecting pressure lines to heat exchangers or testing critical components of medical devices for leaks, VTI's Smart Connectors can help you maintain reliable, unbroken connection between your unit and your vacuum system.

A storm quick connect developed by Vacuum Technology incorporated

STORM Quick Connnects

STORM Quick Connects are a lubricant-free solution for connecting straight tubes during filling and leak testing operations. These durable devices can be used when working with everything from advanced refrigeration systems to engine blocks to drinking fountains.